Friday, 29 January 2016

3 simple chest exercises to have bigger and firmer br3asts

When it comes to aging, women are very conscious about their looks. The fact that everything and anything on your body starts to sag, it's hard to accept that you're losing your once flawless and firmer skin.

The br3asts is one of the first affected areas when you age. Wearing push-up bras can help but some women chose surgery to give them the youthful br3asts they once had.

Bigger br3asts does not always have to start with expensive augmentation surgery. There are exercises to do in the comfort of your own home that will help its enhancement naturally.

This 10-minute work out video consists of 3 simple chest exercises that will show you how to get a much firmer breasts without the painful surgery.

Watch her doing these exercises below:

Chest Press

The Chest Press can done on an exercise bench, or floor mat, and requires 2 dumbbells. If you're doing the exercise at home, you can use 2 used gallons of milk.

By doing this exercise regularly you will strengthening your pectoral muscles, shoulders, and triceps.

Inclined Chess Press

This exercise can be performed by inclining on a bench press or if at home,  you can use three pillows to have the desirable inclined position. Perform the exercise by raising the bar and holding it above you directly and then bringing it down till it touches your middle chest area.

Chest Flys

Chest Flys require two dumbbells and an exercise bench or floor mat. It's for enhancing the outside part of the breast as well as the midsection for better and sexy cleavage.

Our breasts are basically lumps of fatty tissue placed on the top of these muscles. This means that if you can work the muscles and tighten them, you will be able to lift the breasts and make them appear to be a lot perkier and firmer.