Sunday, 26 March 2017

Alleged drug addict raped before brutally killing a 5-year-old girl

Children are always known to be one of the greatest gifts you will ever received when you have reached that point in time. They are the ones bringing joy to the family and teaching us to be more patient and forgiving. But, what if someone's doing could take away all of that in a matter seconds?

Facebook user Donskey Mangkit shared a very graphic image of a 5-year old girl after getting raped and was stabbed multiple times on some parts of her body. It is said that the heinous crime happened near the victim's home in Prk Palkan, South Cotabato.

Jen Arencio, the victim's mother was shocked and in disbelief when she found out that her precious daughter got raped and was brutally murdered. According to reports, the child was stabbed 12 times with deep wounds on her chest, legs and body.

Police authorities were quick to identify the suspect as 29-year old Benjamin Balasabas Jr., an alleged drug addict. Balasabas is now under police custody and is facing multiple charges of rape and homicide.

Meanwhile, netizens on Facebook once again seek revival of death penalty faster to give victims the justice they truly deserved.

The victim's photo is extremely graphic. You may follow this LINK to view it on Facebook.