Sunday, 26 March 2017

Barefooted sampaguita vendor gets a new shoes from a mysterious foreigner

The world as we know can be really tough sometimes, a struggle in life is real and not just imaginary. Although hardships can sometimes let a man fall on his butt, there are some people who looks at the bright side and lift themselves up from the ground.

That being said, a heartwarming story involving a young sampaguita vendor has now went viral on social media sites. Netizen Mara Karmela witnessed the whole thing first hand and immediately posted it on her Facebook for the whole world to see.

According to Mara, she was just strolling around a mall when she noticed a bunch of people taking pictures of a foreign man together with a young sampaguita vendor.

The young vendor was described to be wearing torn clothes and is only barefooted. It is said that after seeing the boy's appearance, the foreigner offered to buy him some clothes and a new pair of shoes, so he won't have to go barefooted while selling his sampaguitas.

Mara also heard that the mall staff were asked by the foreigner to direct the boy to the clothes department. As a token of gratitude, the boy gave all his sampaguita garlands to the unnamed foreigner.

See the full Facebook post below.