Friday, 24 March 2017

Boy pierced his neck on a gate after trying to climb it just to see his friend

A very disturbing set of photos has recently circulated and went viral on social media sites. The photo features a boy who got his neck pierced on an eight-inch metal spike somewhere in Thailand.

The boy was later identified as Tharathep Wanacharoenlap, 11 years of age. According to a witness named Natarit Noonpradate, the boy was attempting to climb over a gate to see his friend. However, the unfortunate happened and he slipped piercing his neck at the gate's spikes.

Luckily for the for the boy, the gate's rusty metal spike missed his artery. Natarit also said that the boy held himself for ten minutes, until a neighbor saw him and help him out. The witness added that the gate is about 3 meters high and that it was a miracle that the boy survived.

Thankfully, rescuers were able to get him out of the horrible position. However, the spike was still in his neck when the ambulance from Chachoengsao arrived. The boy is recovering from the incident and will be out of the hospital soon.

It is said that the boy does the stunt everyday. However, during that time the gate was still slippery due to a recent rain.

SOURCE: EliteReaders