Thursday, 16 March 2017

Cayetano calls Inquirer report a fake news

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano is on rage when a local newspaper tries to ruin his reputation in the eyes of the Filipino people. On his Facebook page, President Duterte's running mate ranted about an article by the Philippine in which they questioned the senator's citizenship.

The senator accused Inquirer of having one-sided news and malicious views and taught them a lesson regarding all the basic principle of both journalism and due process. According to Cayetano, the accused should have a chance to defend himself.

Cayetano then stated that he is not an American citizen, like the Inquirer claim him to be, but a Filipino citizen ever since he ran for congress. He also crashed the local newspaper of writing fake news to fool the Filipino people and preventing them to know the whole truth.

Moreover, Cayetano also said that he is supporting President Duterte's quadruple war on poverty, crime, drugs and corruption as some of the President's foreign policy. He also took a shot at other networks who has biased reporting.

Cayetano then layed down a challenge to the mainstream media, that if they can find prove that he is still a U.S. citizen, he will leave his post and will not run for or accept appointment to public office.