Thursday, 16 March 2017

Girlfriend's monthsary message insanely went viral because of this!

Kids these days seem to find love at a very young age. Some of them can be seen in public places having a date or something even more romantic for their age. The feeling of having butterflies in your stomach is always the best feeling when you're in love.

Having said that, a viral photo of two young couple who are celebrating their relationship's 8th monthsary has captured the attention of many netizens. However, instead of having that "kilig" feeling, some netizens find the photo hilarious.

Some netizens stated that the photo looks like a mother is holding her child close for him to not get lost, due to their huge size difference.

The photo garnered mixed reactions from the netizens. Some find it funny as mentioned, but their are also some who find the photo cringing due to their age and should stupid first before getting in to such a relationship.

As of this writing, the viral photo has already gained over 26,000 likes and 13,664 on Facebook.

SOURCE: Facebook