Monday, 27 March 2017

Guy raises his middle fingers to those who underestimated him to finish Engineering

The school year is about to end soon and many are ready to graduate, leave their present school and embark on a new journey of their lives. Having said that, a Facebook post is now garnering some attention due to its brash statement.

A netizen named Mark Gino Aquino lashes out all his haters who thought he would never graduate college. In his post, he stated that he had gone through many issues in life, but he didn't let these issues block his way to achieve his goals.

Aquino also said that he became a working student so that he could pursue his studies and admits that he is letting his classmates copy from his exams, but getting ignored when he was the one in need.

He also didn't hide the fact that throughout his years in college, he and his friends did a plenty of college antics where he came out on top. The post was both a message to his doubters and and a "thank you" message to all his friends and family who supported him on his journey.

Aquino finished off his now legendary post with a photo doing a middle finger salute with both his hands while on his graduation robe.