Monday, 27 March 2017

Mother of OFW who accidentally killed employer request prayers for daughter

Being an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is a tough job to many. Besides being away from their families, some of them are also being abused by their said employer and turn the tables on you, because you are powerless against them.

Having said that, the social media world spread some rumors regarding OFW Jennifer Dalquez under death row after accidentally killing his employer in Abu Dhabi. It is said that Dalquez only defended herself after an attempted rape by her employer which then resulted on her being on death row.

However, the Philippine Embassy and the United Arab Emirates debunked this rumor and stated that Dalquez is not on death row and proves that the social media news was a fraud.

According to Ambassador Constancio Vigno, there is no hearing and it is yet to be discussed if ever that really happens. He also said that the social media is spreading false information to the public just like the February 11 death row report earlier this year.

29-year old Jennifer Dalquez hails from General Santos City and was working as a household helper overseas and has been guilty of the said murder since December of 2014 and is detained in a cell at Al-Ain.

Jennifer's parents seeks help from President Duterte and the Dubai government to save their daughter from a possible death row. The PH embassy however is confident that the court will be on their favor.

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SOURCE: News Info