Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Mysterious creature caught on motorcycle camera in Indonesia

Weird creatures never fails to amaze or scared anyone who witnesses their existence. True or not, this has been one of the biggest mysteries the internet has to offer for a while now and another one of these so called creatures emerged somewhere in Indonesia.

A biker is said to have encountered such creature while he was touring inside a local forest in Indonesia's western most province.

According to the biker, he was shocked when he saw the appearance of a human-like figure right in front him. He also said that the mysterious creature was carrying a wooden stick after suddenly coming out of the forest.

In the video, you can see the mysterious creature stopped for a while before running off probably to get away from the other bikers. Some of the riders tried to chase the thing but fail. It is said that the creature disappeared after it ran into the forest.

The said video was uploaded on YouTube by Fredography last March 22 and has now gone viral, gathering more 2 million views by the morning March 28, Tuesday. Many people left their comments discussing their theories about the said creature.

See the said video below.

SOURCE: Straitstimes