Thursday, 23 March 2017

New born baby comes back to life moments before burial

A father in Pagadian City, Zamboanga Del Sur was shocked when his already declared dead premature has risen from the dead last Saturday, March 18.

In a report by GMA News TV's Balitang Pilipinas on Wednesday, the child's father said that his child has already been declared dead by the hospital staff because the child only lived 6 months on its mother's womb. Because of this they decided to bring the child home for a burial.

According to the father, when they were about to burry their child's whereabouts, they have noticed that the child appears to be still living and decided rush the baby to the hospital to receive medical attention.

However, the hospital refused to give an aid to the baby and said that the child has a less chance living because it was born prematurely.

Dr. Rovel Blancia of Zamboanga del Sur Medical Center stated that a heartbeat was detected. Unfortunately a single heartrate is not enough for the baby to live. Sadly, the child passed away on Sunday, March 19.