Friday, 24 March 2017

Papa Jack transfers to Energy FM, reveals reason why he left Love Radio

Radio DJ known as Papa Jack was one of the most popular Disk Jockey in the country. He made a name for himself by working on a radio station Love Radio. However, he recently departed from the said radio station where he worked for 12 years.

According to an article by LionheartTV, John Gemperle aka Papa Jack revealed his reasons on why he left his former employee.

In the said article, Gemperle stated that Love Radio was planning to move his program on a different time slot. However, he refused as he said that he won't be able to deliver next full potential in that schedule.

After knowing that the station has finalized the decision to move his program, Gemperle then offered his resignation. Gemperle's Papa Jack character last aired his broadcast last December, announcing his departure without citing any reason for leaving.

However, the former Papa Jack is now working at Energy FM as a new character known as Papa J. Gemperle revealed that he is happy to be part of a new family.

SOURCE: KickerDaily