Saturday, 25 March 2017

Street vendor caught how he recycles egg for Kwek Kwek

Street foods are the thing here in the Philippines. Frankly it is as popular as some fast-food chains and restaurants when it comes to customers. Street foods are of often found in schools and other public places such as public parks.

A street food's taste can be really delightful to many. Products like fish balls, squid balls and kwek-kwek just to mention a few are some of the best sellers in the said business. Aside from its exquisite and delightful taste, how safe is it really?

Facebook page "Matalinong Matsing" has recently posted a video taken by a netizen named Edward Evangelista showing a kwek-kwek vendor reselling his unsold kwek-kwek supplies and for using unwashed tools.

It is said that the vendor is seen taking off the orange flour that covers the eggs and just recooked the whole thing again. This gained mixed reactions from the netizens, where some sided on the said vendor, while others criticized his recycling strategy.

As of this writing the video has been already shared on Facebook 62, 440 times and is now trending all over the social media.